The Craft of Composing Book

“David Mann’s The Craft Of Composing is an incredibly approachable method for developing one’s skill as a writer/composer. The techniques you’ll learn are easy to implement and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results you achieve.…immediately! Because this accessible method is built on the pillars of music theory there really isn’t a limit to how far it can take you. I’m always excited to begin writing using David’s teachings and that excitement builds as the music unfolds. The Craft Of Composing has and and will continue to be an invaluable tool for me and I recommend it with enthusiasm.”

– Darryl Jones, Bass Player for The Rolling Stones


“I have learned so much so quickly from the Craft of Composing. In a short time, I was composing and understanding what was once a mystery to me. David’s inspired method is presented in such a clear, simple format. You are easily guided step by step through his well organized techniques. I’m so grateful for David’s teaching method. I highly recommend his book.”

– Dianne Curwick


“The craft of composition is the most enlightening, demystifying, liberating, and fun method of composition I’ve ever come across!”

– Jory Kahn


“As a pianist and aspiring musician with little working knowledge of music theory, The Craft of Composing is an invaluable resource for new composers. It helps students build a solid foundation by teaching the composition fundamentals, and expands into more sophisticated techniques without compromising musical creativity or emotion.”

– James Coletti


“Taking David Mann’s class, and reading his Craft of Composing workbook has been a great help to advancing my music and composition skills. Having started playing guitar and piano back in the seventies, I have studied and played music ever since. Yet, after all this time and study, there was a lot I still did not know; often not realizing that I did not know. The book is invaluable in learning, or reviewing the basic concepts, and growing from there. It starts simple, but quickly builds on the basics into more complex techniques and theories. I am grateful for the chance to learn these techniques and believe this will be a great use to any musician wanting to expand their knowledge and improve their writing.”

– Tom Luth