Student Pieces

Luth-Violin and Cello pdf

Curwick – 4 measures counterpoint – Score

Luth-Deck the Halls-transcribed

Curwick – Ab Canon Score

Tamae – Synthia’s Song

tamae – Cinqo Patients

Luth Exasperating Rhythms

Luth-More Cowbell pdf

Tamae – Sinkhole Patience

Luth-Non-Canonical Canon pdf

Tamae Taco Bells Canyon Refried

Tamae – Forth In July



Tamae-In Rituale

Luth-Incorporeal Sojourn

Luth-Soft Reflection

Luth-Radar Test 1 Score

Luth-Radar Test 2 Score

Tom Luth-Imperceivable Score

Tamae-Sandstreak Score

Jimmy Tamae


Please Recycle

Jimmy Tamae


Carriage House

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